3 Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

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Have you ever thought about becoming a pharmacy technician? Over 421,600 pharmacy technicians are currently working in the United States in hospitals, pharmacies, military facilities, and prisons.

If you’re wondering what a pharmacy technician does, you should know that they work closely with a pharmacist to ensure the health and safety of all patients. They label, locate, dispense, and review prescribed medication for accuracy before packing them. They also help pharmacists complete administrative tasks such as tracking inventory, filing paperwork, processing insurance claims, and have many other critical duties that impact the health of thousands of people daily. Read on to find out details about the critical duties of pharmacy technicians.


#1 Pharmacy Technicians Provide Medications

One of the most critical jobs of pharmacy technicians includes providing medicines for people who need them. As soon as you walk into a pharmacy, they’ll welcome you and assist you in ordering new medication or reordering existing medication prescribed by the doctor.


#2 Pharmacy Technicians Deal With Prescriptions

When the doctor calls in for a prescription, a pharmacy technician will keep it ready for the patient as soon as possible so that it can be picked up on the way home in no time. These individuals work directly with pharmacists to take prescription orders, fill them up with the right amount of medications and dosage, and create labels to ensure patients take them the right way.


#3 Pharmacy Technicians Ensure No Errors Are Made During Administration of Medications

Pharmacy technicians are practically the last line of defense for anyone who needs medications. If a person is seeing different healthcare practitioners or taking more than one medicine at a time, there’s always a thick chance of the medications counteracting with each other.

Even if the nurse, doctor, or another healthcare professional makes a costly mistake while prescribing the particular medications. A pharmacy technician can catch the mistake and point them to the medical facilities right away. This brings down error rates in healthcare facilities while helping ensure that people use the right medications and in proper ways at all times.

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