4 Signs Your Career Is Stagnant

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Career stagnation is probably worse than hating your job. At least when you dislike your job, you’ll do something about it. But if you get complacent around a job that gets a bit too comfortable, and that too unconsciously, it can be frustrating.

The compensation benefits and amenities offered by your current job might’ve caused you to continue the job that doesn’t give you a sense of fulfilment anymore. But somewhere down the road, it’ll suddenly dawn on you that your current job doesn’t make you happy anymore because it’s not helping you achieve growth in your career. Whether it’s the lack of real engagement or a career with no real growth, you can only change gears and shift career paths if you’re aware of the warning signs that indicate career stagnation. Let’s look at a few signs that show that your career has become stagnant.


#1 Boredom

If your current job doesn’t help polish your skills or challenge you to grow, it’s time to consider a career change. Many people stick to their current jobs because they earn stable pay, but what if your company suddenly lays you off due to the recession caused by the pandemic or simply because they think fresh talent can replace you at a much lesser cost?

Although this is hypothetical, think about it. The best way to overcome the issue is to remain constantly updated with the skill set needed by the job market and choosing a career that’s always in demand, such as a medical assistant or pharmacy technician.


#2 No Scope For Learning

The opportunity to learn and implement new skills is important to progress in your career. If your current job doesn’t offer scope to grow, you’ll soon realize that your skills have become outdated, and the organization will no longer see you as a worthy resource.

You might not be a favourable choice for most recruiters as well because employers seek highly driven employees who want to learn and grow with the company. The only way professionals can validate their resourcefulness in today’s job market is by continuously investing in self-learning or obtaining certifications from reliable educational institutions that can help scale up their careers.

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#3 Stagnant Salary

If your relentless efforts haven’t been rewarded in the form of promotions or appraisals, it’s a sign you’ve stayed in the same career for too long. Doing the same role repeatedly with little to no increase in salary will reduce your selling value for the next potential job.


#4 Lacking Skills

If you chose this career when you were relatively younger or just because your career counsellor deemed this more ‘practical’ than your dream job, chances are you’ll realize at some point that you need to acquire additional skills or change your career to avoid stagnation. Enroll yourself in a reputable online school that suits your budget and schedule as an investment that will help you discover new ideas, people, and career possibilities to develop connections, control, and confidence in your life.

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