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The Daily Duties of a Medical Assistant

The healthcare sector is currently among the fastest-growing in the U.S. As the number of clinics and doctor’s offices increases in an area, the need for skilled medical assistants increases proportionately. These assistants often assist doctors and nurses in their daily tasks and carry out many administrative operations as well. The duties of a medical… Continue reading The Daily Duties of a Medical Assistant

Why Going Back To School Is Good

The idea of resuming education can often seem overwhelming to people at any stage of life. Personal and professional responsibilities keep most of us too busy to consider this life choice. In fact, most of us get barely any time left after work for socializing or our hobbies. However, this decision can significantly impact a… Continue reading Why Going Back To School Is Good

Demand For Medical Coding and billing professionals

Rewarding Career as a Medical Assistant

3 Reasons to Shift Your Career Path

Have you been thinking about changing your career path? You’re not alone. In fact, an estimate shows that the average person changes up to eight jobs or seven career paths during their working life. People are increasingly choosing to work in more flexible, remote ways or going for part-time employment. Whether you’ve recently lost your… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Shift Your Career Path

Underrated Healthcare Career Paths

Looking for a lucrative and fulfilling career in the US? Look no further. In this piece, we’ll highlight the most underrated career paths in healthcare. Employment in healthcare is continuously growing as it offers the highest level of stability, mobility and security for everyone. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment is… Continue reading Underrated Healthcare Career Paths

Why A Medical Assistant’s Job Is a Good Career

Are you looking for a meaningful yet stable job in one of the hottest fields? Look no further! Complete the virtual Medical Assistant Certificate Program at Elite Career College quickly to start a rewarding job. Wondering whether medical assisting would be a suitable career for you? Here are some compelling reasons you should read to… Continue reading Why A Medical Assistant’s Job Is a Good Career

3 Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

Have you ever thought about becoming a pharmacy technician? Over 421,600 pharmacy technicians are currently working in the United States in hospitals, pharmacies, military facilities, and prisons. If you’re wondering what a pharmacy technician does, you should know that they work closely with a pharmacist to ensure the health and safety of all patients. They… Continue reading 3 Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

A Guide to Medical Coding and Billing

The healthcare sector is one of the fasting growing industries for job seekers across the world. Those who don’t have any interest in patient care can also work in the thriving industry with a career in medical coding and billing. If you’re wondering what medical coding and billing entail, this guide can help answer all… Continue reading A Guide to Medical Coding and Billing

Career Advancement in Medical Assistance