The Biggest Career Challenges Faced by a Pharmacy Technician

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A pharmacy technician is recognized as an essential member of a pharmacist’s team. In many cases, they are responsible for providing people with life-saving medicine. The medical community and the patients appreciate their contribution to the healthcare sector. But this job comes with many challenges that can be difficult to overcome without formal training. Choosing the right pharmacy technician school can make a difference for those new in this field. Here are some of the challenges commonly faced by pharmacy technicians around the country.

1. Drug Knowledge

A pharmacy technician has to have sufficient knowledge about common drugs. This knowledge often improves with experience and helps them avoid any mishaps. Pharmacy technician programs online can help new candidates learn efficient ways to retain and use related medicinal knowledge timely.

2. Drug Storage

A pharmacy technician has to store the drugs to prevent spoilage. With the right training and experience, this task can become easier.

3. Dispensing Medication

A pharmacy technician has to be vigilant when filling customers’ prescriptions. Everything has to be evaluated when dealing with a customer, from the dosage to the possible drug reactions. These job roles can be difficult for inexperienced staff without the right online pharmacy technician training.

4. Dealing with Recalled Drugs

It is the responsibility of a pharmacy technician to keep track of recalled drugs and prevent them from reaching the consumers. This is why pharmacy technicians constantly need to update their drug knowledge.

A pharmacy technician’s inventory

5. Catering to the Customers

Customers usually have a lot of drug-related questions for pharmacy technicians. These technicians need to be knowledgeable and well-trained to answer these queries accurately. A competent technician can save its customers from many drug-related mistakes and make the doctor’s job easier.

6. Technological Proficiency

Many procedures within a pharmacy have been automated for efficiency and convenience. Pharmacy technicians have to modify their skills alongside these technological advancements to avoid any redundancies.
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