The Daily Duties of a Medical Assistant

A woman serving at a medical facility

The healthcare sector is currently among the fastest-growing in the U.S. As the number of clinics and doctor’s offices increases in an area, the need for skilled medical assistants increases proportionately. These assistants often assist doctors and nurses in their daily tasks and carry out many administrative operations as well. The duties of a medical assistant vary with the specific medical field they practice in. Here are some of the duties performed by medical assistants that can be learned via a Medical Assistant Degree Online.


Administrative Roles

  1. Medical assistants are required to operate various online applications and software to run daily operations within a medical facility. These skills can be learned through an Online Medical Assistant School.
  2. They also have to receive phone calls on behalf of the doctor and coordinate with their patients as needed.
  3. Greeting and welcoming patients into a medical facility is also the responsibility of a medical assistant.
  4. Coding and managing the insurance forms.
  5. Scheduling and managing appointment timings for each visiting patient.
  6. Patients’ medical records are to be managed and filed by medical assistants.
  7. Patient admissions and the requirement of laboratory services are monitored and managed by these assistants.


Clinical Responsibilities

  1. Taking a patient’s history of illnesses to assist future care is done by assistants.
  2. Medical assistants are also first in line for communication with patients. They are responsible for explaining each patient their medical condition, the required treatment, and various other medical aspects.
  3. Patients are prepped and sent to receive medical treatments, examinations, and laboratory tests with the assistance of these employees regularly.

A medical assistant at work

  1. When a physician is conducting a medical examination, the medical assistant makes notes and facilitates the doctor throughout the procedure.
  2. The laboratory specimen belonging to each of the patients is prepped and collected by medical assistants. This includes labeling, sealing, and various other job tasks.
  3. Medical assistants can also conduct many laboratory tests in the presence of a doctor.
  4. Technology has made it possible to conduct many X-rays and scans via easily operable machinery. Medical Assistant Degree Online can be used to learn how to operate this equipment efficiently.
  5. Medical assistants also provide the patients with the details about their medication plan and offer them advice on adjusting their diet according to their illness.
  6. Preparing injections and various other forms of medication to be administered by nurses is also included in the job description of a medical assistant.

Online Medical Assistant Programs offered by Elite Career College can prepare medical assistants for all the job roles they have to fill at a medical facility. These classes can provide medical assistants with a chance to be optimally productive at their job and succeed in their careers.

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